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5 Reasons To Try An Arctic Whale Watching Tour

March 08, 2019

The Arctic is one of the most incredible destinations for you to experience a whale watching tour. There are iconic whales that live almost exclusively in the Arctic, like narwhal, beluga, and bowhead whales, and a landscape you’ll truly never forget.

Are you interested in a Baffin Island whale tour that allows you to also explore the Arctic? With multiple days of wildlife viewing, comfortable camp accommodations and executive-chef prepared meals? Are you interested in travelling with a company that has 20 years of Arctic wildlife expertise?

Then look no further.

Arctic Whale Watching

Discover the five reasons you need to try an Arctic whale watching tour.

1. Three Unique Whales Found In The Arctic

There are three whale species whose largest population live year-round in, or very near, Arctic waters. At the best time of the year, this makes the Arctic destination a prime reason to visit and see these whales.


Did you know that narwhal have never been successfully kept in captivity? So, you’ll have to come to the Arctic to see them. And considering that 75% of the entire population lives in the Canadian Arctic, there is no better place to see narwhal than on an Arctic whale tour.


no better place to see narwhal than on an Arctic whale tour

One of the most captivating whales to see on a tour are beluga whales. They’re so playful. Belugas are incredibly vocal whales with their clicks and whistles, and the shape of their mouths make it look like they’re smiling! Almost two-thirds of the world’s belugas migrate into Canadian waters each spring, making the floe edge of Baffin Island the place to see them. A social whale you can even find them migrating among narwhal pods. Imagine seeing that!

Beluga whale on whale watching tour

The third is the bowhead whale. Around 90% of bowhead whales spend their summers in the Canadian Arctic. This makes them a great whale for summer whale tours in the Arctic. A breaching bowhead whale is an amazing moment to witness and photograph.

bowhead whale on whale watching tour

2. Knowing Where And When To See These Elusive Whales

Sure, we know they are in the Arctic, but it takes the experience to know where to find them. With 20 years of experience in the Arctic, we understand their patterns and know locations that offer maximum opportunities for you to have whale encounters.


A lot of these whales spend their winters in deep water. That means they can be hard to find in winter, but the reason so many whales spend their summers in the Canadian Arctic is because of the shallow bays throughout the islands of the Canadian Archipelagos.

We take guests to Lancaster Sound and Navy Board Inlet because we have discovered just what an enormous number of whales migrate through this region every year. The Arctic whale migration is one of the most spectacular events on earth and our floe edge trips offer a front row seat. Rather than chasing or disrupting whale populations by boat, come to the floe edge and have these elusive whales come to you.

our floe edge trips offer a front row seat for whale watching

3. Experience The Whale’s Unique Behaviour

One of the most memorable experiences of whale watching is to see a particular behaviour of the whale. It can be exciting seeing a whale pop-up into a breathing hole while it’s migrating but seeing a pod of narwhal gently rubbing their tusks together or watching beluga’s play and sing to one another are experiences you’ll never forget.



Bowhead whales, which are generally solitary, can be found socializing in the summertime as they go through their annual molting. This is a form of exfoliating by rubbing against rocks in shallow inlets and bays. Seeing these gentle giants bobbing and breaching is rare, and luckily, we know where to find them.



4. Tours By Boat Or From The Ice

When most people think of whale tours, they think of zodiac boats far out from shore. But imagine standing right at the floe edge, where the ice meets the open ocean, and seeing whales appear right below your feet.

whale watching tours from the ice

Springtime floe edge safaris take you right to one of the most active wildlife hubs in the Arctic. Whales are drawn to the floe edge because of the food cycle. That means guests get unbelievable whale encounters from the comfort and safety of the frozen sea-ice. That means lunch can be set up right beside the water’s edge, so guests won’t miss a moment.

lunch offering during whale watching tour

If you are interested in a boating experience, then the summertime is incredible too. Explore the coast of Baffin Island on your way to whale-viewing locations. While other boat tours take you out to the deep open water, our trips take advantage of the shallow bays where Arctic whales prefer to spend their summers.

Baffin Island whale watching

 5. The Arctic Landscape

Few people experience pristine landscapes during a whale watching tour. Usually, because whale watching tours take you far offshore by boat.

On an Arctic whale watching adventure, you will see and experience one of the last true wildernesses in the world. Imagine traveling by sled past the enormous pillars of frozen icescapes or prehistoric glaciers pushing deep into the Arctic cordillera ranges. In the summertime, you’ll be in awe as you boat through floating icebergs that seem like mountains.

arctic landscape

While some trips only offer the hope of seeing whales, we offer so much more. We offer all the activity of the Arctic. Our safaris provide flexible schedules to fit your interests. Watch narwhal at the floe edge in the morning and go out on the land with snowmobiles and sleds looking for polar bears to photograph in the afternoon. Learn the culture and history of the Inuit who have lived on the land for centuries and see the unique behaviour of migratory birds who return to their summer home, in the Arctic.



You’ll leave the Arctic amazed by all the fun you’ll have on a Baffin Island whale watching tour. They’re the perfect experience for professional photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and families.

One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget your trip to the Arctic.

Narwhal watching on Baffin Island

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By: Mat Whitelaw