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Kayaking in the Arctic With Narwhal

March 14, 2018

Narwhal are one of the most popular whales to watch in the Arctic. Nicknamed the “unicorn of the sea” because of their tusk, narwhal can only be spotted in the Arctic. One of the few places to spot them include the floe edge of Lancaster Sound, noted as one of the most prolific wildlife areas in the Arctic. Even better than just seeing them up-close? Travellers on our floe edge safari had the incredible bucket list experience of kayaking in the Arctic with narwhal.

Watch the video below captured by Thomas Lennartz:

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Expedition Leader and guest watched narwhal surfacing from a kayak in the Arctic Ocean, near the floe edge. Then, Lennartz dipped his GoPro into the water from the side of the kayak, capturing underwater video of narwhal.

You can see several narwhal swimming under the kayak. If you listen closely, you can also hear the narwhal sing!

Narwhal, like other whales, rely on acoustic signalling for underwater communication. Researchers note that narwhal call out with individual voices. These vocalizations may help narwhal to recognize each other or reunite with distant pods.

In spring, the sea ice begins to break up under the Midnight Sun and the High Arctic comes alive. At this time of year, Arctic marine mammals congregate at the floe edge – where the land-fast ice meets the open water of the Arctic Ocean. Narwhal can be spotted here during the annual migration to their summer feeding grounds, allowing travellers incredible opportunities to view the elusive Arctic whales up-close.

This natural phenomenon also allows the chance to kayak and snorkel with narwhal in the High Arctic! A once-in-a-lifetime experience, travellers on Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari are delighted at the opportunity to not only see narwhal in the wild but to have them swim around them as they paddle in the Arctic Ocean.

Kayaking in the Arctic is an experience in itself, but to add amazing narwhal encounters is truly breathtaking.

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