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3 Fun & Educational Articles For The Whole Family

August 21, 2020

Do you and your family enjoy nature and wildlife documentaries? Learning the strange quirks that animals have and their interesting stories? It can feel like you’re watching a miniseries finding out about exciting history like Vikings in Canada.

With kids getting ready for school, whatever that may look like, here is a chance for you and your family to come together and exercise your intellectual side. Take turns reading out loud and outside on a beautiful day!

Here is a chance to quickly learn some fun facts about the Arctic and the remarkably unique wildlife that call it home. And please share with family and friends or comment below if you want to learn more.


Polar Bears: How They’ve Adapted To Their Arctic Realm

How did polar bears become the lords of the arctic? Have they always lived in the north?

Join us as we explore some of the evolutions and adaptations that this beautiful bear has gone through to master the Arctic.

Read about their diet and how they hunt.



Story of Narwhal Migration

Did you know that narwhals spend their winters under a part of the ocean that is largely frozen?

Often called “the unicorn of the sea,” narwhal undertake an incredible migration each year as they navigate through cracks in the ice looking for small arctic estuaries.

Learn about the fascinating story of a narwhal’s annual migration.



Baffin Island: The Vikings’ First Stop to the New World

The Vikings have a history written down through their Icelandic Sagas. Some tell stories of myth and fantasy while others discuss historic events. The heroes of these stories were often warriors and explorers.

This article talks about the three earliest Vikings to reach the New World. Some were blown off course looking for Greenland while others wanted to discover new lands.

Find out what the Vikings called Baffin Island.



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