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3 Reasons Arctic Summers Are So Great

March 18, 2021

Are you looking for a new way to experience the great outdoors? Do you want the experience of luxury camping but with the backdrop of untouched Arctic scenery?

Summer is a beautiful time in the north when the seasonal change is at its peak and, a landscape known for its snow canopy, is now colourful. Wildlife like polar bears are resting in shady coves and swimming to icebergs floating past.

A summer safari is great for people of all ages and ideal for families to come together and have the vacation of their dreams.


  1. The North In Bloom

The summer is an exciting time in the Arctic. Purple saxifrage and the yellow tips of Arctic cotton burst across the plateaus and shorelines.

Look for glacial waterfalls trickling down the cliff faces of the fiord you can boat through. As the snow melts on top of the mountains they form these cascading streams and falls.


  1. None of the Crowds

Whether you are fascinated by the pristine panoramic landscapes or the exciting wildlife that you might see, you won’t have to fight for space in the Arctic.

Enjoy small group tours where you’ll be one of the few seeing polar bears or Arctic whales. The north is full of so many wonders that just travelling between locations you can encounter beautiful icebergs that have been shaped by the wind and waters into incredible shapes.


  1. Summer Safaris

As we look for ways to spend more time outside, we want to make our vacations really count and the most comfortable time to experience an Arctic safari is during the long days of summer.

Take boat tours up fiords to ancient glaciers and watch polar bears as they roam the shorelines. Travel past coves and hillsides that polar bears and bowhead whales can be found.

Try kayaking on the Arctic Ocean and if you’re brave enough and the day is warm enough, you might just go for a swim too!

Throughout the day you’ll enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our expert culinary team.


Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island

If you’re interested in a summer safari try our Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island.

Fly over the mountain valleys and glaciers of Auyuittuq National Park before travelling to our private beachside camp. Spend each day travelling to well-known wildlife locations for chances to view polar bears, bowhead whales, seals and beautiful birds.

By: Mat Whitelaw