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5 Fast Facts About Polar Night

January 13, 2021

The polar night is one of the most intriguing phenomena that you can experience. Very few of us have ever witnessed it, and yet, most of us know about it. But there are some interesting facts that you may not have heard of if you want to know more about this exciting event.

Join us as we explore five fast facts about the polar night.


1. The Sun Never Rises

Each year, there is a time where the Sun does not appear above the horizon in the winter. There may be elements of twilight, but the Sun is not seen.


2. Occurs Above The Arctic/Antarctic Circle

The Arctic and its southern counterpoint, the Antarctic Circle, are defined by the fact that they experience polar nights. Due to our planet’s tilt, there will be a time between September to March where part of the Earth completely blocks out the Sun from these polar places.


3. Polar Nights Are Counted by 24 Hr Cycles

When multiple weeks don’t have a sunrise, it can be tricky to count the days. So, instead of measuring how many hours it was dark, polar nights are counted in daily increments. For example, in Sweden’s northernmost town, Kiruna, their polar night lasts for around 28 24-hr periods.


4. The Midnight Sun Is The Opposite

Polar nights occur when the Sun never rises, but the Midnight Sun, or a “polar day,” is when the Sun remains above the horizon bringing 24-hrs of daylight. Therefore, if polar nights take place from September to March, the Midnight Sun comes out from April to August.


5. The Closer to the Pole the Longer the Night

Due to Earth’s polar axis, the north and south pole are more obstructed from the Sun than places further south. That means that the closer you get to the North Pole, you will experience the most polar nights.

At the North Pole, the polar night begins when the Sunsets at the Autumn Equinox in September and the Sun won’t appear again until the Spring Equinox in March, having had six months of darkness. Yet, for the next six months, the Sun will now set.


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By: Mat Whitelaw