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Fast Facts About The Midnight Sun

October 21, 2021

It is one of the most energizing and mesmerizing events that you can see in person. The Midnight Sun lets you enjoy outdoor activities later in the day and is also a sight to see.

Join us as we explore some fast facts about the Midnight Sun.


The Midnight Sun is when the Sun can still be seen in the sky at midnight

The name can be self-explanatory but it is one of Earth’s most remarkable natural phenomenon. However, it can also refer to the time of year when the Sun will remain in the sky for 24 hours.


The Midnight Sun is a result of the Earth’s tilt.

Due to the tilt of Earth’s axis, the North & South Pole’s have a period each year where they are facing the Sun so it sets much later and sometimes not at all.


While the Arctic has the Midnight Sun the Antarctic has more darkness

While one of Earth’s Poles is angled towards the Sun, this means the opposite Pole is facing away. So, if one of the Poles is enjoying extended daylight the other Pole is in darkness.


It does not begin exactly at the Arctic and Antarctic Circles but close

Generally, the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle are based on where the Midnight Sun occurs but due to the effects of refraction, the light extends a bit beyond this line. Refractions are when light beams bounce off molecules like moisture and change their trajectory. Thus, the Sun can actually be seen when it is below the horizon but seem to be in the sky still.


June Solstice marks the height of the Arctic’s Midnight Sun

The amount of time that you can see the Midnight Sun is lengthened the further north you travel. At the Arctic Circle, it is visible from June 12th until July 1st. But places further north such as Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island it can be seen from April to August.


A natural phenomenon you can see in person

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By: Mathew Whitelaw