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5 Unique Photography Angles on an Arctic Safari

March 22, 2019

Are you a wildlife photographer looking to capture intriguing and stunning photos of Arctic wildlife? Perhaps you’re a worldly traveler hoping that your photo will leave everyone back home in awe.

Polar bear & cubs

The trick to getting the most memorable photos is by finding a unique angle to capture perhaps a personality trait of an animal. It can be hard capturing rarely seen moments or quirky behaviour. Whether it’s a lazy polar bear on a snowy ridge, or a narwhal diving under the ice these are the moments that help make a photo memorable.

If you want your photos to stand out from the bunch here are 5 unique images you can get on an Arctic Safari

1. Looking Up At Polar Bears

Imagine noticing something shift out of the corner of your eye. You see a giant iceberg locked into the winter ice, but something is moving around on it. You realize it’s a polar bear. Get your camera ready!

Polar bear in the arctic

The trick to a photo that really grips the viewer is capturing something intriguing about your subject. There are already some iconic images of polar bears out there, so if you want to stand out it can help to find a new angle.

Zoomed angle of polar bears

Capturing the personality of a polar bear could help make your photo stand out. Try highlighting the Arctic realm they roam in to tell a story. People can relate or be surprised by a new look at how a polar bear hides in the snow. Seeing it lay low on the ridge to conserve heat or sniffing the air with that incredible sense of smell.

Polar bear with cubs in arctic

The trick to a truly intriguing photograph is to make your audience want to ask more questions and generate curiosity. Getting that photo looking up at a polar bear posing may stir that certain sense of wanting to know more.

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2. Whales – Underwater

When most people see photos of whales they’re breaching or poking their heads out of the water, or maybe just an image of the whale fluke before going under the water. But what about a photo of them in their natural aquatic home? What does a whale look like under the water, diving down, or just playfully curious?

underwater beluga whales

It can appear unworldly! The sheer white of a playful beluga smiling at the camera or a narwhal emphasizing its tusk surrounded by the dark or turquoise water.

Narwhal glowing in dark water

Think how exciting it is to be floating in a kayak next to the floe edge and having a pod of whales bobbing and swimming next to you. You take your waterproof camera and dip it under the water and capture them playing.

pod of whales underwater

You can’t get this on another whale watching tour and you won’t scare them away with a roaring engine if you’re kayaking at the floe edge. This is how you can get the perfect shot of a whale underwater in its natural habitat.

Our floe edge trips offer kayaking opportunities so learn more about our Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari and Ultimate Floe Edge Explorer now.



3. Polar Bears At Eye Level And Close-Up

Not often does one get to capture an image of a polar bear at eye level.  Our Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Cabins offer a unique opportunity as bears can curiously, come to us. Images like this mean you may not need a big zoom lens.

Polar Bears At Eye Level And Close-Up

Our cabins are right next to Hudson Bay’s shoreline, which is the main migratory path north for polar bears in this region. That means you don’t need to go looking for them or won’t scare them off with excessive noise. We use an inobtrusive bear fence that keeps clients safe as curious cubs spot what could be their first humans.

Polar bear migration during safari

The curious look of these bears can be striking and adorable. Imagine a mother and cubs walking along the shoreline. One of the cubs stands up and notices you. The mother bear lets the cub walk closer as you snap photos.  This eye-level interaction is so intimate.

Eye level angle of polar bear and cub

These are photos that go on to tell a story. An image of their big dark eyes, their fluffy coats, and their big paws prints in the snow. These are the shots that can make a picture stand out and will inspire anyone!

photographic storytelling with polar bear

Want to find out how you can get such great intimate opportunities? Try our Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari and our Nanavik Polar Bear Migration Cabins.




4. Bird’s Eye View

Many of our trips have an incredible fly-in experience that gets you to your safari faster, offers outstanding views, and perspective on the expansive and striking landscapes of the Arctic.

Bird's eye view of Arctic

To capture the giant features of icebergs or age-old glaciers, you need to be above it all. This birds-eye-view can really help demonstrate the scale of the Arctic. Even panoramic photos from ground level will only capture so much of this pristine scenery all around.

Panoramic view of Arctic from bird's eye view

Get a shot of a glacier pushing its way down from the mountains and out to the ocean before you even get off the plane. Our floe edge safaris take you on flights that offer views of the breath-taking Sirmilik National Park at the northern end of Baffin Island. Sirmilik means ‘place of glaciers’ so you can be sure the view won’t disappoint.

Photos prehistoric region with a birds-eye-view.

Photos of this prehistoric and unspoiled region of the world can be most emphasized with a birds-eye-view.

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5. By Boat

How do you capture a photo of a polar bear swimming among icebergs? They are a marine mammal, so you better believe they like the water. And what’s more intriguing than seeing the King of the Arctic swimming in summer.

Capturing Arctic images from boat

We often expect to see polar bears roaming snowy icescapes but how captivating a photo is when you capture polar bears walking across a rocky shoreline. It will make any photo exceptional by showing this contrast, and by framing the polar bear from this new angle that you can only get by boat.

How about photos of whales breaching? How do you get a natural photo of a whale in the water? There’s no better way to get unique angles and outstanding photos than from a boat on an Arctic Safari.

Want to explore the Arctic by boat? Learn more about our summer safari, Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island.

Photo of polar bear from boat angle

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Photographer experience the Arctic on a Safari

By: Mat Whitelaw