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Breathtaking polar bear cub encounter at sunrise

July 16, 2018

Travellers on Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari look forward to amazing close-up polar bear encounters on authentic Arctic tundra. Last November, they weren’t disappointed! At sunrise, guests enjoyed a breathtaking encounter with a mother polar bear and two curious cubs while positioned safely behind an electric fence that surrounds the Polar Bear Cabins.

The polar bears were spotted from a distance as they approached the cabin complex, giving guests a chance to position themselves and their cameras for what was sure to be an incredible encounter and an ideal polar bear photography opportunity.

“The reason for our optimism was because of the cubs,” says Dave Briggs, Senior Expedition Leader at Arctic Kingdom. “At this age they are super curious and boldly move forward to the focus of their attention.”

Check out Dave’s footage of the breathtaking encounter:

“It couldn’t have played out better, with the cubs coming up close during the sunrise, and the air being so cold and crisp that you could see their breath,” says Briggs. “This experience was magical as the cubs repeatedly came back towards the fence giving our guests a memory that will last a lifetime.”

Our Polar Bear Cabins visited on this trip are situated on true Arctic tundra in a remote area referred to as “polar bear alley”. On the west coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavut, just north of Churchill, Manitoba, this is an ideal polar bear viewing location as they roam the tundra waiting for the first sea ice to form in October and November.

Arctic Kingdom Expedition Leaders and local Inuit guides are experts at observing the behavior, physical condition and the demeanor of polar bears as they approach, and are highly trained and experienced at managing encounters, allowing guests to view the Arctic icons safely from behind the fence.

After several years of leading polar expeditions, Briggs says he continues to be inspired by every polar bear encounter in the Arctic.

“It’s such a unique experience people get giddy with excitement, laugh, hug each other and give high-fives,” he says. “It truly is an unbelievable experience and one that people feel privileged to witness. The reality of being so close to these majestic wild animals is incredible and one that I never tire of.”

Want to experience this for yourself?

Get chances for close-up polar bear encounters on Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari and Nanuvik Polar Bear Migration Safari.  Departures in October and November.

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By Liz Carino