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FAQs: What Can I See On Arctic Safari?

September 03, 2021

We thought it would be a good time to answer questions you may have about an Arctic Safari. Arctic Kingdom has 20 years of experience building customizable private trips, programmed wildlife tours, and film production coordination.

After so many years providing life-changing and bucket list filled trips to the Canadian Arctic we wanted to provide some of the answers to our top asked FAQs.


  • What is Arctic Kingdom?

Arctic Kingdom is Canada’s leading Arctic travel, logistics and professional services organization. We are passionate about the Arctic – and the people who call it home. Pioneers in land-based Arctic travel, we work with community partners to design and deliver exceptional Arctic travel and wildlife experiences, including Arctic safaris, private tours, polar diving and getaways in the High Arctic. We years of experience with polar logistic experts and have supported major film, televisions productions, commercials and scientific studies.


  • What Is An Arctic Safari?

Think African safari, in the Arctic. Our safaris are land-based mobile camps that allow small groups of guests to get up-close and personal with unique wildlife, discover local culture and take in breathtaking landscapes. Carefully researched and scouted with insight from Inuit guides, we bring you the best of the Arctic in safe and stress-free interactions.


  • What Kind of Animals Can I See in the Arctic?

The Canadian Arctic is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife including polar bears, narwhal, beluga, walrus, bowhead whales, arctic fox and more. It is your opportunity to see these incredible animals up-close, in their natural habitats on one of our Arctic safaris or private journeys. If you have specific wildlife in mind that you’d like to see and photograph, our Arctic Travel Advisors are happy to help you plan an arctic tour. Fill out our Contact Us form to inquire.


  • When & Where Can I See Polar Bears?

The Canadian Arctic is home to more than 60% of the world’s polar bear population and Arctic Kingdom offers polar bear tours year-round. You have the opportunity to see polar bears up-close in their natural habitat on these trips:


  • When & Where Can I See Narwhal?

Your best chance to see narwhal is at the northern edge of Baffin Island in the spring when they congregate at the floe edge. You have the opportunity to see narwhal, in pods from one to hundreds, close-up on this trips:


  • When & Where Can I See The Northern Lights?

From August to May, the Northern Lights bejewel the night sky in the Canadian Arctic, against a backdrop of incredible scenery and possible rare wildlife sightings. The best places to see the Northern Lights in North America are in the northern parts of Canada – including Nunavut. Small communities and remote locations without light pollution are great for seeing the Northern Lights as they are most clearly seen on a dark sky. You can learn more about the Northern Lights on our blog here. You have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights on these Arctic tours:


  • When & Where Can I See Big Ice, Icebergs, and Glaciers?

The Canadian Arctic boasts some of the most dramatic and incredible land and icescapes in the world. Icebergs and glaciers can be seen by land, sea ice and boat throughout Baffin Island and other regions in Nunavut. See icebergs and glaciers on these tours:


  • What Is Throat Singing?

Inuit throat singing or katajjaq is a form of traditional singing usually performed by women. Performances are often an entertaining contest in which singers try to outlast one another in song. Historically, throat singing was a form of entertainment among women when men were out on hunting trips. It was regarded as more as a vocal or breathing game in Inuit culture, rather than a form of music. If you are interested in watching a performance than contact our Arctic Travel Advisors to book.


  • Is Arctic Kingdom Socially & Environmentally Responsible?

The Arctic and Northern Canada are dynamic and changing places. We believe that respecting and collaborating with local cultures, empowering communities and leaving wilderness pristine is the only way to be able to provide authentic sustainable experiences for years to come. We choose to travel in small groups to ensure there is a minimal environmental footprint. From the way we plan our trips to our business practices and operations, Arctic Kingdom is geared toward making a positive impact on the areas we visit.

To ensure our tours economically benefit the local communities we hire local guides and transportation specialists, purchase food supplies in the community whenever possible and without affecting access for locals, offer local food, experience local practices, and use local services. By continually reassessing our trips, we ensure that they are socially, economically and environmentally sound.

Arctic Kingdom strictly adheres and supports the Wildlife Policy for the Territory of Nunavut.



Experience The Arctic On A Safari

With 20 years of experience providing programmed and customizable Arctic adventures, Arctic Kingdom has the resources and expert staff to provide a trip you’ll never forget!

Get chances to view elusive Arctic wildlife and experience the majesty of the Arctic on safaris year around. View all Arctic Safaris here.

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By: Mat Whitelaw