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Guide Profile: Moses Amagoalik

January 31, 2020

When it comes to the Arctic, nobody knows it like the Inuit. Arctic Kingdom is so grateful for the contribution and friendships formed on our trips and through our years in this region. They are the true stewards of the land and we are so fortunate for their knowledge.

One of the aspects we often hear back from guests is how much they appreciate the chance to get to know their Inuit guide and talk with them. It’s a fantastic opportunity to hear from a perspective you might not get the chance to hear from and a chance to actually meet the fantastic people who live here.

Moses Amagoalik is one of those guides that we are so lucky to form a friendship with over the year and have enjoyed helping us to guide our trips from Pond Inlet.

Join us as we get to know Moses a little better!


Working With Arctic Kingdom


When did you start working with Arctic Kingdom? How long have you been guiding?

I started out as a Polar Bear Monitor for Arctic Kingdom 8 years ago. I was offered to be a bear monitor and then I climbed the ladder to become a guide and I liked it, so I’ve been doing it since. So now I’ve been guiding with Arctic Kingdom for 6 years.


What do you like most about guiding and being on the land?

Seeing animals, being outside – it’s good for the mind and I enjoy it out there. The times I’ve been in the helicopter to film polar bears – that was very exciting.


Are there any memories of Arctic Kingdom trips that really stand out over there years?

The trip through the Northwest Passage where Arctic Kingdom worked with Crystal Cruise.

A BBC film and the National Geographic project from Navy Board Inlet.

Working with Leonardo DiCaprio on his documentary, Before The Flood.

I remembered a couple from one of our past trips that happened two years ago, and they remembered me when they returned for another trip, they were very nice to me.


Tell Us About Yourself!


You’re always so helpful on our trips but what kind of hobbies or talents do you like to work on when you’re home?

I’m a self-taught mechanic, I’m good at fixing snowmobiles and building my own stuff that will be used for camping.


Any musical talents?

My girlfriend and I won the 2019 Square Dance competition for couples in Pond Inlet, it was my first time dancing!


Have you always lived in Pond Inlet or have you lived anywhere else in Nunavut?

I lived in Cambridge Bay for 8 months with my auntie and we came back to Pond Inlet after that. I’ve lived in Pond Inlet ever since.


Are there any courses you’re interested in or lessons to pass on?

I’d like to do guide level 1 and 2 for it to be available in our community so all who are interested in working can know what stuff to bring and what is good to have when you’re dealing with guests. Like Kevin [a fellow guide] and I often bring extra seal skin mittens and boots just in case the guests are cold and they can try how warm they are to wear.


What do you enjoy most about guiding?

This past year, I was with the film crew and it was a different experience from being with tourists. There was dealing with the cameras and other stuff, I liked it a lot.

But I like most being with our guests, talking about our land and answering their questions, I live to talk about wildlife and explaining why there are cabins in certain places and explaining how we cross over leads in the sea ice.


We are excited that Moses will be returning to guide for the Narwhal & Polar Bear, A Floe Edge Safari, that operates out of the north end of Baffin Island, near his home community of Pond Inlet. Arctic Kingdom’s partnership with the community allows us to have friendly and expert guides like Moses, someone that you can look forward to meeting and enjoying a chance to talk, laugh and hear about life in the north.


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By: Mat Whitelaw