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Snorkeling At The Floe Edge

August 27, 2021

As we enjoy the sunny days of summer, some of us are spending as much time as we can in the water swimming. Maybe you just love to float on the surface or maybe it is a perfect place to get some exercise, there is never a bad day spend on the water.

But some people are driven by the mysterious world under the water’s surface. Just below you is a whole world of life and all you need is a snorkel and goggles to explore it.

If you enjoy snorkeling and taking advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities then you’ll want to try snorkeling at an Arctic floe edge.


Unforgettable Bucket-List Activities

Each of our trips aim to give you the full Arctic experience, whether it is seeing iconic wildlife like narwhal and beluga whales or activities that are best done in the Arctic. We want you to truly experience the majesty of the north and there is no better way than diving right into it.

The Canadian Arctic is one of the last true wilderness left to explore that isn’t crowded. Here you can enjoy open stunning landscapes and breath the fresh pristine air. This makes it an incredible place to try some unforgettable activities that are elevated to an unforgettable level in the north.

Snorkeling is pretty common but snorkeling in the Arctic Ocean will give bragging rights to anyone willing to try it. The fact that you can wear a dry suit to stay warm just means you can actually enjoy the experience and explore deeper and longer.


Why The Floe Edge Is So Exciting

A floe edge forms at the point where landlocked ice ends to become open water, and this creates a brilliantly dynamic environment for sea life to gather. Since it is the edge of the ice platform it means that the sun can reach and energize micro-organisms like algae. This means the algae stops clinging to the underside of the ice and starts moving around creating a spectacular food source for larger organisms like krill that are food for fish, which then bring whales and seals.

This exciting environment can be some of the most active places in the Arctic. You can find whales burst above the surface happy with a full belly or birds that have migrated from as far as the Antarctic finally enjoying their favour fish dinners.

This makes it a remarkable place to view Arctic wildlife but it also makes it one of the most monumental places to snorkel. The sea life may not even notice you but you may never forget them. Although it is an important environment and common gather place, this doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed to swim with every Arctic animal but when they do appear it is incredibly exciting.

Our trained and expert staff make sure that it is safe for you and that we do not disturb or scare any wildlife.


Dry Suits Will Keep You Warm

Now, the Arctic waters are often chilly but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to freeze swimming in it. Our guests will have fantastic dry suits that keep you from getting too cold.

A dry suit is completely sealed from the water so that zero water gets in and the dry suit itself forms an insulating layer. This means that you can spend longer in the water and get the chance to explore this pristine world. The dry suit will cover almost your hole body with a hood that protects everything but you cheeks so they might get a little chilly but this is a small price to pay for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to say you swam in Arctic waters.


You’ll Fall In Love With The Arctic

We often say that there are two kinds of people, those that haven’t been to the Arctic yet and those that want to go back. It is just such a beautiful place full of friendly people and remarkable environments like the floe edge.

If you are dreaming of a vacation you’ll never forget then you’ll want to try our Narwhal & Polar Bear, A Floe Edge Safari where you will have the chance to explore one of the best Arctic floe edges above and below the water. An if you want to actually enjoy a polar dip then you’ll love snorkeling at the floe edge.


Experience The Arctic On A Safari

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By: Mat Whitelaw