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Why Polar Bears Are Waiting for Autumn

September 15, 2021

While most of us are enjoying each sunny day left and are holding onto every summer moment we can there are some creatures in the north who can’t wait for autumn to arrive.

Polar bears across the Arctic are looking out to seas and oceans that are slowly getting colder and closer to freezing over. But do you know why they’re so excited?

Join us as we explore why polar bears are so thrilled that autumn is coming and why our Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari is perfect to see them in their natural habitat.


Waiting For Seas To Freeze

There are few things that get polar bears more excited than noticing the weather starting to get colder. The summer is a time when they do little and spend most of their time resting along the rocky shores.

It takes enormous amounts of energy to travel when it is warm and they rarely eat during the summer so it is quiet time for them. So, when they feel the air getting cooler they start to look to the water to freeze over.

When the sea ice forms it means that polar bears can walk a nearly endless territory. Many of the bears spend the summer along the coast because as soon as the ice can support them they can begin their primary hunting season.

They walk across the ice looking for holes that seals use to breath when the ice freezes the water. This flips the script for polar bears hunting seals. Seals can swim much faster than polar bears so they have the advantage when the water is open but when a polar bear can walk right up to one of their breathing holes they have an advantage.

Polar bears will often go most of the summer without a meal. They have to decide whether running after food that might get away is better than just conserving their energy and maintain their weight. So when the autumn starts to appear you can imagine how relieved they are for the water to freeze over.


Wondering North Along The Coast

Not all polar bears will just wait for autumn to come. When the air starts to get chillier and the water starts to feel crisp, some polar bears will begin a migration north following the coastline looking for a solid frozen platform.

This means that in autumn there is an incredible movement of polar bears travelling up the western shoreline of Hudson Bay.

Our comfortable cabins are located next to this shoreline in an area just south of Arviat. Due to the number of polar bears that will roam through this area it is dubbed, “Polar Bear Alley.”

Since they follow the water it means that the bears are quite easy to spot and there are few place so ideal for safe and breathtaking viewings.

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By: Mat Whitelaw