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Why the Arctic is the Wanderlust Capital

September 25, 2020

With the fall emerging are you not ready to hunker down for winter? Are you still feeling a desire to explore natural wonders and see new horizons? You may be suffering from a little something called, Wanderlust, and we’ve got the place for you.

Wanderlust is the desire to travel to new and wondrous places that push you further each time. It is what makes people start to plan a new vacation as soon as their back from one or to find destinations that few people have gotten to experience.

The Arctic is the perfect trip for Wanderlust travellers who want a chance to get to know somewhere new. Places like Paris or Yosemite are well known but they’re busy and everyone knows the photos you’ll bring home. But if you could travel above the Arctic Circle in comfort and with gourmet meals, wouldn’t that interest your sense of adventure?

Arctic Safaris


Wanderlust Travellers

The simplest way to define wanderlust is a strong longing to travel and the impulse to wander. But what does that mean for the wanderlust traveller?

What connects all wanderlust travellers is the yearning to see new horizons. The anticipation of finding a new outdoor activity you try that you want to keep up and the friends they make along the way.

As the world becomes more accessible to travellers looking for new experiences and unique destinations, it can be hard to decide. You look through social media for beautiful scenery and research the different activities that you can try. But you want something special this time, something all-encompassing.

Some travellers wanderlust after hiking through pristine hills and mountains, while others have a passion for wildlife photography. They are always looking for that truly spectacular photo. You may have tried a whale tour in a maritime town or seen icebergs float past on an exciting cruise. But if you’re looking for somewhere that has it all and then some, look north.


The Arctic is the New Wanderlust Capital

We’ve found that all travellers find themselves looking to the Arctic for the chance to experience something exciting and new. What you may not realize, is how accessible it is to get to and that you can do it in comfort.

Once people take in the fresh air and go on a wildlife tour without the crowds they understand the grandeur of the Arctic. There are airports and hotels to stay in but there are also Arctic Safaris that take you into the beautiful northern landscapes and provide incredible chances to view some of the animals you’ve only dreamed of seeing.

Seeing an animal in the wild is so exciting because you are seeing it most naturally. The way it behaves and the chance to just watch it. It’s thrilling when you notice during dinner that the Northern Lights are shining bright tonight! Or how the Midnight Sun can create the most spectacular pastel sunsets that seem to last for hours before the sun appears again.

There’s a saying about the Arctic that states, “there are two kinds of people out there. Those who haven’t been to the Arctic yet, and those who can’t wait to go back. So if you’ve got a case of wonderlust then here’s a taste of what you can expect on your next Arctic Kingdom adventure:


Fresh Space and Pristine Views

Finding somewhere truly spectacular but not crowded is something rare these days. It can be hard avoiding the thralls of people or long lines to try any of the activities. Then, when a place is truly epic and inspiring it can be hard to capture photographs without all the people in front.

In the Arctic, you are surrounded by rejuvenating open space and this glorious scenery. The whistle of the wind and the calm in the air reminds you that you’ve found somewhere truly special.

Imagine stepping out of your tent in the morning to unobstructed views of some of the Arctic’s most breathtaking places. This is a chance to explore new landscapes and take in a new horizon.


Adventure Vacation

Sometimes sitting on a beach just is not enough. Are you looking for a Once-In-A-Lifetime vacation that you’ll never forget? Do you have family and friends that are looking for a destination full of bucket list activities? Try an Arctic Safari!

Some of the best memories are built on the activities and experiences you are trying. Activities like kayaking near an iceberg or snorkelling in the Arctic Ocean will leave you with tons of stories to tell from this year’s vacation.


Unique Wildlife

You will be travelling carefully to the wildlife’s natural habitats and we rely on our knowledge to get you to the best locations possible. With a little patience, you will likely see some of the most striking animals in the world. With the help of our Inuit guides and Expedition Leader, you will have fantastic and safe opportunities so have your cameras ready when we find them.

These are animals most people only dream of seeing. It is our goal to get you as many chances as possible, but remember they are wild animals. Part of this wanderlust locations is the journey to finding the wildlife. You’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring views only to notice a polar bear moving next to icebergs or a pod of narwhal may appear before your eyes.

Our safaris focus on the Canadian Arctic’s Big 5 Animals. That means we provide tours that aim to see polar bears, narwhals, Arctic fox, bowhead and beluga whales. Learn more about the highlights of each of our Arctic Safaris here.


Comfort & Gourmet

If you are listening to the desire of wanderlust, you’ll want to do it on a full belly and get a good night’s sleep. That is why it is a pillar of our trips that we offer the most comfortable accommodations available with a gourmet culinary team. This is what makes us the premier Arctic Safari company.

Do you want to learn more about the kinds of meals you’ll enjoy on our trips? Then try our blog: Gourmet food in the Arctic


Enjoy some of our articles about the Wanderlust experiences we provide:


What are you looking for in an Arctic Wanderlust trip? Comment below on what kind of Arctic wonders interest you!


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By: Mat Whitelaw