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3 Reasons Solo Travellers Enjoy Our Trips

November 22, 2019

As Arctic Kingdom has grown into one of the world leaders in Arctic travel, we have noticed how often we get solo travellers on our trips. This is a fact we delight in because nothing should hold back solo travellers from finding the adventure of their dreams.

The Arctic is a magnificent place filled with exciting activities and unbelievable wildlife and we take great pride in providing such bucket list adventures but travelling to the Arctic may seem intimidating for a solo traveller. Rest assured, we make travelling here straightforward and all our guests on the trips come together as one big family of friends.

With nearly 1:1 staff to guest ratio and no single supplement fee for our safaris, we make it an easy choice if you’re trying to decide on this adventure of a lifetime. Let’s explore some of the great reasons that Arctic Kingdom makes it comfortable and fun for solo travellers.


1. Comfortable & Fun For Solo Travellers

Throughout our 20 years of Arctic safaris, we have noticed how consistently we have solo travellers on our trips. Seeing the Arctic landscape and getting a chance to photograph some of the iconic animals like polar bears and narwhal is enough to bring people from all over the world.

Sometimes it’s adventurous outdoor enthusiasts and sometimes it’s a retired wife or husband that has dreamed of seeing the Arctic but maybe their spouse isn’t interested. Either way, we make travelling up here easy and straightforward so you can feel comfortable making this dream come true.

Even before you leave your home you will be provided with any and all details you may need to make traveling to the Arctic simple. Our staff are in communications with you throughout the entire pre-trip process answering any question you may have about the trip and the environment.

Our staff will meet you as soon as you land in the northern community, so you always know where to go. You will be flying with all your fellow guests so as soon as you land Arctic Kingdom staff will bring you together as a group and a chance to meet everyone right away. Plus, our staff are friendly, welcoming and are looking forward to meeting you.

We have a very high guest to staff ratio; some trips are 10 staff to 12 guests and one of our trips is even 16 staff to 12 guests. We are providing a safe and enjoyable northern experience so, between our expedition leaders, Inuit guides, camp manager, chefs and sometimes still more staff, there is always someone keeping an eye out for everyone on the trip.

Since we offer small group sizes it’s easy to meet everyone and come together as a group. It can be hard in big groups to break through pairs of people or on cruises there’s a whole boat fighting for space, but our small group sizes mean a smaller environmental footprint but also easier to make friends.

One of the highlights of a small group is your chance to talk with your staff and learn about the north from your Inuit guides that live in local communities. In the summertime guests get to engage and talk with their boat captain, like Billy who has so much knowledge of the region and wildlife habits. In the snowier seasons we tend to keep you with the same snowmobile driver so that you can get to know them better throughout the trip.


2. No Single Supplement Fee

We make it simple for solo travellers to join our trips. Some travel companies can make it seem like they’re penalizing solo travellers by charging them single supplement fees, i.e., more money to have your own room because they refuse to pair you with another solo traveller.

At Arctic Kingdom there are no additional fees for solo travellers on any of our safaris. We will pair you with a fellow same-sex solo traveller in our tents and yurts. And a little insider’s hint, you may still get a tent/yurt to yourself by default if there isn’t someone to pair you with, making it more comfortable to be a solo traveller. While our safaris do not include a fee, our Iqaluit getaways do because you stay at a hotel the whole time rather than our own accommodations.


3. We’re All One Big Family

One of the top reasons for solo travellers is that they are interested in a place that a friend or spouse may be less interested in, the great thing about the people on your trip is that everyone’s excited to be here!

You are likely to find like-minded travellers because you all now have the Arctic in common. The best kinds of groups to travel with are like-minded people because you want to see the same things and get excited by the same adventures.

Even if you come solo, you’re in a group the whole time so there’s always someone to talk with and share a joke or story. Our trips are geared towards being inclusive. Everyone eats their meals together, we observe wildlife and travel to locations as a group, and since guests have similar interests once the trip starts everyone is mingling and come together.

That’s the magical thing about our trips, and one of the highlights for our guides to see, just how well our groups get along. Even if you all come from different countries around the world, you were all curious about the Arctic scenery and enthralled by the wildlife. Sharing a moment with someone who is as excited to see that narwhal pop above the water or notice that tiny polar bear cub jump on its mother is a special bond.

You may prefer travelling solo and you may just be too excited to wait to find someone to join you. What’s for sure is that our trips, whether safaris or getaways are perfect for solo travellers. Our staff will make you feel safe and comfortable and all the other guests just may become lifelong friends!


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By: Mat Whitelaw