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5 Top Floe Edge Blogs

May 31, 2019

Are you interested in a whale and polar bear tour at the Arctic floe edge but still have some questions? Are you still curious what the experience would be like or what you’ll find on a floe edge safari?

Join us as we explore our 5 Top Floe Edge Blogs that highlight and preview the amazing experience on our Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari.

Narwhals with tails above water in the arctic


A Day In The Life At The Floe Edge

In this blog, we follow the events of an entire full day on a Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari from morning until bedtime.

Imagine waking up in a breath-taking landscape as you open your warm yurt and head for a warm gourmet breakfast. Understand the experience of traveling to the floe edge past glaciers and ancient mountain ranges. Learn what kind of wildlife and activities you may find at the floe edge, an experience like no other travel destination.

Explore our gourmet menu. Everyone knows that there is nothing better after a day of adventure activities and wildlife encounters like a warm spectacular meal. The smell of the expert chefs preparing the meal, guests telling highlights of their day to each other in our spacious lounge yurt. The optional evening lecture program from visiting film crews, photographers, or naturalists and expedition leaders.

Arctic Kingdom touring team

Experience a day in the life and learn about all the amazing life-changing moments that await!

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Why The Floe Edge

Alright, you have learned what a day in the life is like, but you may not be convinced that this is the Arctic tour for you. Find out why this is more than an ideal Arctic bucket-list trip, it is a chance to experience one of the most incredible natural phenomena, the floe edge.

Arctic floe edge viewing

Learn exactly what the floe edge is and why it forms. Hear from Arctic Kingdom’s VP Production Management & Expedition Leader, Jason Hillier, about all the reasons that he keeps coming back to the Arctic after so many years and why the floe edge is so inspiring.

How about the wildlife? Nowhere else offers a better location to see marine mammals because the floe edge, where land-fast ice meets the open ocean, is exactly where they congregate. Whether it’s to feed, maybe it’s to socialize; a trip to the floe edge offers more than breathtaking landscapes, it provides unparalleled wildlife encounters.

Polar bear on the arctic floe edge

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Visiting The Arctic In May

People are often wondering what different times of the year are like to visit the Arctic. Well, May is one of the most incredible times to visit.

One of the top questions are about the temperatures to expect and what the environment is like at the floe edge. Find out about the average temperatures, ice conditions, and even how much sunlight you’ll get in May.

Migrating birds in the arctic

For a lot of birders, May is a particularly active time for migrating birds. To think that some of these birds travel from Antarctica or South America and to witness the arrival of tens of thousands is almost unbelievable.

Are you wondering what polar bear families are doing this month? Learn more about baby cubs emerging into their Arctic wonderland for the first time as they travel to the floe edge learning from their mother techniques that will last a lifetime on the ice.

Beluga Whales underwater in the arctic

What about the annual whale migration that takes place across the Arctic? Have you ever wondered where narwhal spend their winters? And why narwhal and beluga migrate through narrow cracks to particular estuaries and bays each summer? Join us as we explore their behaviours and what phase of their migration takes place in May.

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Baffin Island’s Wildlife Hub: Lancaster Sound

There’s a reason our Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari camp is situated where it is, its proximity to Lancaster Sound.

Like most people traveling to the Arctic, wildlife encounters may be at the top of your bucket list. Well, Lancaster Sound does not disappoint. Acting as the gateway to summer feeding grounds, a staggering number of whales travel through the marine corridor each year. In fact, about 75% of the world’s narwhal population and 1/3 of North America’s beluga whales migrate through here each year.

Lancaster Sound even boasts the second most dense polar bear populations in the world.

Polar bear trotting across floe edge

You’ll find out all about the wildlife you’ll find and the likelihood of seeing them, but the breathtaking landscapes are something you’ll have to experience first-hand!

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Gourmet Food In The Arctic

The only thing better than spending a day exploring the Arctic and photographing incredible wildlife is ending the day with a hot, gourmet meal prepared by a master chef!

Gourmet food in the arctic prepared by a master chef

Find out what kind of treats and cuisine wait for you in the Arctic. Our partnership with Culinary Search Group has led to some truly mouthwatering dishes that will refresh, delight, and fill you up after an exciting day of activities.

Culinary Search Group preparing gourmet meals in the arctic

Learn about the ways that our culinary team bring elements of the Arctic to spectacular meals. Explore a sample menu as you begin to imagine the pleasures that await your taste buds.

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Experience The Arctic Floe Edge On A Safari

Get chances to view elusive Arctic wildlife and experience the majesty of the Arctic on safaris year around. View all Arctic Safaris here.

Ready for adventure? Contact our Arctic Travel Advisors to book.

Are you still curious about the many wonders of the Arctic or looking for more interesting content then explore more blogs here!

Kayaking in the floe edge

By: Mat Whitelaw