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7 Amazing Things To Do In The Arctic

June 28, 2019

The Arctic is an amazing travel destination with fun activities, beautiful landscapes, and a rich culture. With highlights almost year-round and easily accessible with commercial flights, the Arctic is a perfect vacation.

Here are 7 things you’ll want to put on your Arctic bucket list.

Polar bear in arctic sun

1. Toonik Tyme – Iqaluit

One of the most incredible things about the Arctic is the Inuit. They have been stewards of this land for millennia and their culture grew from the land and its animals.

Toonik tyme festival with children

Toonik Tyme is a Spring celebration of the longer days and the return of migrating animals. The traditional origins of the festival comes from the welcoming of visitors who begin traveling again with the return of longer days. So communities would host games in honour of the visitors.

This makes it a fantastic time to visit Iqaluit and experience the Inuit culture. There are family friendly outdoor games you can join in on, craft workshops, traditional food banquets, dog sled, and snowmobile races, and so much more!

Toonik tyme snowmobile race

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2. Boat Tours – Qikiqtarjuaq

Are you wondering where you can enjoy a boat tour with whale watching opportunities in the Arctic? Are you looking for chances to see and photograph bowhead whales and enormous icebergs?

bowhead whale in the arctic

Qikiqtarjuaq is located in the perfect place to explore Baffin Island by boat. The town is on an island facing the beautiful Baffin Mountain Range with glacier-carved fiords all around. The island is situated along the ‘Iceberg Alley’, known for the giant icebergs floating south from Greenland.

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3. Hiking, Climbing, Camping – Auyuittuq National Park

Not far from the town of Qikiqtarjuaq, and accessible by boat is one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks. At the head of an Arctic fiord is the stunning Auyuittuq National Park.

This park follows a glacial valley past some of the most striking mountain faces in the world. Iconic peaks like Thor Peak and Mount Odin make breath-taking backdrops to any photo.

It’s famous to adventure athletes like rock climbing and BASE jumping, and reach international audiences when Mount Odin was the location for James Bond’s mystifying stunt of skiing off a mountain to escape by parachute in The Spy Who Loved Me.



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4. The Bird Cliffs – Sirmilik National Park

Sirmilik National Park is an unbelievable and expansive national park at the northern end of Baffin Island. This park is home to a migratory bird sanctuary that each year comes to life as thousands of birds return to the Arctic.

Some of these birds like the Arctic Tern travel all the way from Antarctica and the Red Knot comes from South America. But if you are a birder or an experience you’ve thus far only seen in documentaries like Planet Earth, you’ll love seeing the migratory birds of Sirmilik National Park’s bird cliffs that you can access from the community of Pond Inlet.

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5. The Floe Edge – Arctic Bay & Pond Inlet

Can you imagine the thrill of photographing a narwhal bobbing and socializing in a pod near the edge of ice meeting open water? The “floe edge” is a great location for chances of spotting wildlife because it is where marine mammals often congregate.

There is an exciting ecosystem here, where microorganisms bring fish that bring migrating whales and seals, which can bring polar bears. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of glaciers and icebergs as you travel from camp to the floe edge.

The most optimal floe edge can vary year by year considering it is part of the areas ever-changing weather patterns. We’ve found that the location may not be the same every year but there is always a floe edge to experience. And that floe edge can be accessed from Inuit communities of Arctic Bay and Pond Inlet.

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6. Spring Polar Bear Cubs – Baffin Island

As spring dawns on the Arctic, this is the time when polar bear cubs are emerging from their dens with their mother. They are playful, they are curious, and they can be adorable.

Come see as they mimic their mother and play together. Expert guides keep you at safe and sensible distances but provide remarkable opportunities to photograph and experience one of the most exciting times of the year for polar bears.

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7. Fall Migration Polar Bears – Hudson Bay

Frozen sea-ice is particularly important to polar bears because they rely on travelling over the ice to find seal holes. So as fall comes polar bears begin to travel north looking for frozen sea-ice.

Along Hudson Bay each year there is a migration of polar bears and with cabins located along the shoreline, it puts you safely on the route of travelling bears.

They are curious but often unconcerned by people. An unobtrusive electric fence around our cabins keep you safe and the bears at bay, but also provides unbelievable photography and viewing opportunities. Imagine capturing a photo of these majestic creatures with its fresh white coat right at eye level.

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By: Mat Whitelaw