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Polar Bears Are Migrating Right Now & You Can See It

November 12, 2021

As we speak something incredible is happening in the north. Polar bears from James Bay to the north of Hudson Bay are migrating up the coastline towards the frozen sea-ice.

While some bears are sitting and waiting for winter to begin other bears are being proactive and seeking out the chill, something they love!

Find out more about the annual autumn migration that many southern polar bears are in the middle of as they travel north. Learn how you can experience this firsthand at our private cabins.


The Polar Bears Are Marching North

Every year there is a population of polar bears that live within the James Bay and Hudson Bay region that are not wiling to sit and wait for winter. They’ve learned that if they start walking north, they will find the place where the water has frozen over.

The reason they are so excited to find the frozen sea-ice is that it means they can start hunting. They use the frozen platform to gain access to marine animals like seals.

When the ice melts it means the polar bears have to live along the coast rather than on top of the sea-ice where they can look for breathing holes that a seal will pop through. Waiting above the water for a seal to come is much more successful than trying to chance a quick seal through the water.

The chance to have a good meal is incentive enough to start heading north. These are some of the most southern polar bears in the world so it makes sense that they can’t wait for it to get as cold as the Arctic.


You Can See Them Up Close

After years providing polar bear safaris from Manitoba to Baffin Island, we wanted to offer this exciting and safe chance for see this polar bear migration. Rather than going looking for polar bears this is your chance to have them come to you.

Our private polar bear cabins are situated right next to the shoreline that polar bears walk along. This means that polar bears are quite comfortable with your presence and some curious cubs might even come investigate.

A protective fence stops polar bears from coming into camp but means that you can capture unobstructed photos. The fact that guests are not moving around and are just watch the polar bears mean that they are unstressed, and these safe but comfortable interactions are the most memorable.

This is you chance to have intimate moments with these beautiful creatures. It is amazing seeing them in their natural habitat, seeing them roll in the snow or stand up to smell the wind, you’re reminded that these are powerful animals but they’re graceful and playful.


Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari

The western shoreline of Hudson Bay is one of the biggest concentrations of polar bears and our ideal located cabins put you right in the middle of this migration.

Guests are there right now!

They hopped on a private propeller plane taking them from Arviat, Nunavut to the cabins. Fly over the tundra taking in new landscapes with a fantastic aerial view fly high above. From the plane you can sometimes see herd of caribou or even a polar bear making his way along the coastline.

They are spending their days enjoying polar bears viewings when bears come by and eating delicious gourmet meals. Our gourmet culinary team makes sure you are well fed and enjoying warm snacks throughout the day.

If a day is a little quiet then guests will hike around the area, which is a tundra landscape and beautifully unique to the north. When else will you have the chance to explore this environment with these remarkable animals.

Some of the other wildlife in the area that guests might see are arctic foxes, arctic hares, snowy owls, pine martens.

Yet, one of the most spectacular things you have a chance to see on this trip is the northern lights. That’s right, when the conditions are good, you can walk right outside your cabin and take in the dancing and sparkling streaks of purple and green.

Our expert guides are there to make sure you are safe and comfortable and are always willing to give some tips on how to capture the best photos you can. It can be easy to just snap a photo of an animal or landscape but to frame the subject and contrast it to a backdrop will take you photo album to the next level.




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By: Mathew Whitelaw