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See Baffin Island from a Qamutiik: A Photo Gallery

November 26, 2021

One of the best ways to take in a landscape is to ride through it. Sounds obvious, but sometimes things are grander than we even imagined.

Seeing a cascading waterfall from a glacier melting off the top of a mountain range or standing next to an iceberg frozen into the sea ice and realizing just how tall it is are the things we remember because their magnificence can surprise us. 

Some of the best parts of adventures and vacations are the activities that stood out, but we didn’t expect them to be so much fun. 

Gliding across the frozen sea-ice in a qamutiik (a traditional Inuit sled) as you look for iconic wildlife and take in beauty all around might leave you speechless. 

Come get a little example of just how incredible it is to experience the Arctic from a qamutiik.


An Arctic Wonderland

The reason a qamutiik is so ideal for the Arctic is that it was designed to adapt to the Arctic environment. Instead of using nails to keep the runners on the sled, a qamutiik uses leather straps to fasten the runners to the sled. This allows it to shift slightly and adopt the vibrations when it travels across ice. 

A qamutiik refers to the sled, which used to be pulled by a team of dogs but is often pulled by a snowmobile so that you can travel further and faster. 

On top of the sled we have built a carriage compartment for guests to ride in. Here you have seats and a partial cover that will block the wind. 

This means that you will still feel the wind blowing through your hair, but it will make a big difference. 

This open concept means that you will have a great opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery. You’ll want to keep your camera close, but you might become a little hypnotized by the endless beauty.

This is one of the last real untouched frontiers and it has a truly memorizing feel to it as you explore rarely seen mountain ranges and see ancient glaciers. 

This is a fantastic way to view and photograph the iconic wildlife that roam Baffin Island. Unlike helicopters or ships, a qamutiik allows you to travel over land and stop to film intimate wildlife opportunities. 

As you travel to known wildlife hubs like the floe edge or search for polar bears you will constantly have unobstructed chances to take photos of those unforgettable moments. 

Bring back a photo gallery of your own and be the first of your friends to have a photo with a polar bear in the wild or actual narwhal naturally migrating past you. Get an up close photo of the mythical narwhal tusk as it bursts above the waves. 

Get a hearth warming video of a mother polar bear playing with her cub.

Or even just a wild video of a polar bear resting on top of a snow mound.



Exploring Baffin Island in a qamutiik is the tradition way to travel in the Arctic but it is also the most amazing way to see north. 


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By: Mathew Whitelaw