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Summer In The Arctic: A Photographic Tour

August 28, 2020

What do you picture when you think of summer in the Arctic? Can you imagine hiking in comfortable weather or kayaking on the Arctic Ocean?

The summer is a beautiful time in the north when animals are lounging during the longer days and often swimming. While people are exploring landscapes and enjoying outdoor activities.

Join us for a photographic tour of Baffin Island through the stunning days of summer.


What Baffin Island Looks Like in Summer

Baffin Island has a wide range of beautiful Arctic landscapes. Tundra covers much of the south with rolling hills and shallow river valleys meandering towards the ocean.

The area around Iqaluit is relatively flat, offering beautiful views of Frobisher Bay and Sylvia Grinnell River. It’s a perfect place for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Towards the middle of the island, the rolling hills become mountain peaks with snowy glaciers, even in the summer!

Coastal communities like Qikiqtarjuaq are located right on the doorstep of some of the world’s most iconic fiords. These deep glacier-carved valleys are ringed with striking granite rock faces soaring above the water.

In the northern part of Baffin Island communities like Pond Inlet face out to the giant mountains of Sirmilik National Park. “Sirmilik” is Inuktitut for “the place of glaciers” because of the sheer number of year-round glaciers that soften the colossal landscape.


The Icebergs!

One of the most unexpected highlights of the north is seeing your first iceberg. It can be surprising how joyful it makes you feel seeing a graceful iceberg bobbing in the water.

The wind and water create fantastic shapes that become mesmerizing. And floating past them in your boat can remind you that this was part of a glacier that formed many years ago.


It Feels Like Summer Too!

Although there are glaciers to see and icebergs to photograph, don’t forget, it is still summer!

It’s not going to be just like Florida, but it’s a comfortable temperature and perfect for enjoying the longer days. The sun will stay in the sky much longer and in some parts all day long. This is the Midnight Sun, and these extended days mean more time to explore.

The summer comes alive with vegetation. Stunning reds, yellows and purples canopy the hills and tundra with beautiful flowers like saxifrage.

You can still enjoy all the great outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and fishing. You can even go swimming… but that polar dip will still be pretty chilly!


Small Boat Tours Offer More

One of the best ways to explore Baffin Island during the summer is on a small tour boat. These small group boats allow you to maintain a small footprint and take in the breathtaking panoramic views with access to fun locations.

The landscape is full of exciting destinations and highlights. The Arctic animals are enjoying the water or lounging in the sun. Polar bears are known to swim instead of walking so they can cool off. It’s sometimes easier to swim rather than climb the rocky coastline.

It offers the chance to find Arctic whales moulting their dead skin from winter as they exfoliate for the new season. You can see bowhead whales splashing and socializing during this moulting period.

Eastern Gateway of the Northwest Passage


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By: Mat Whitelaw