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The Challenge of COVID-19

October 16, 2020

Dear Adventurers, 

We know that every journey comes with its unique challenges and stories. While COVID-19 affects our world at large, we are taking steps to ensure your next adventure with us maintains the level of safety and comfort you expect from Arctic Kingdom. 

While the Arctic is already remote, and most of our activities are outside in small groups, we still want to ensure that your experiences with us are as safe as they are awe-inspiring. Here are a few of the measures we already have in place, and some that we are working on optimizing even further: 

  1. We are unable to run the remainder of 2020 trips due to border restrictions and evolving situations regarding COVID-19 
  2. Having pre-trip health screenings for staff and guests 
  3. Having daily health screenings during trips for staff and guests 
  4. Having an isolation, transportation, and evacuation plan developed with recommendations from Nunavut Health. 
  5. Having a contact tracing plan developed 
  6. Advising guests of protocols for all third-party suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, etc. 
  7. Clothing rentals will be cleaned after every use as per our standard protocol. They will also now be put together 48 hours in advance and secured with a tag to show the bag has not been touched since being packed (note that if substitutions are needed, the 48-hour standard will not apply) 
  8. In addition to our regular two times a day bathroom facility cleaning schedule, self-service disinfection products will be available (such as wipes, sprays, and sanitizers). We will also be eliminating communal products like shampoos, soaps, and lotions. 
  9. In addition to our regular two times a day dining and lounge facility cleaning schedule, we will increase cleaning in high touch areas, introduce cohort dining, eliminating or reducing food sharing/self-service tables, and allow for outdoor eating when weather permits. 
  10. In addition to our regular two times a day kitchen facility cleaning schedule, we will increase cleaning in high touch areas and reduce people moving in and out of the kitchen. 
  11. We will be cleaning all accommodations as standard between guests use but provide more self-cleaning options to limit staff interaction in guest rooms. Guests will be required to pack up their own linens and place the items in a bag provided before leaving 
  12. Trip activities are already outdoors and in small group sizes, however, we will be reducing or eliminating shared resources (as outlined above). We will also be internally reviewing each of our trips on a per activity basis to ensure each activity provides the safety expected of us. 
  13. For all transportation requirements, cohorts will be used when possible and the use of facemasks will be required when social distancing is not possible. When allowed, physical distancing of two meters will also be used. Open-air vehicles will also be used when possible. 
  14. Arctic Kingdom will also ensure it operates within all local policies and procedures. 

In continuation with the level of planning that you, our adventures, expect from our team, we are continuously updating our procedures. As such, we will update you as new information becomes available. 

As many of our expeditions occur in Nunavut, we will be working closely with Nunavut Public Health on how to operate safely once Nunavut is open to travelers again. 

We look forward to seeing you all on your next adventures with us. 

Exploring forward, 

The Arctic Kingdom Team