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Why Photographers Love Summer on Baffin Island

April 28, 2021

Can you imagine what a photographer’s wonderland the Arctic is during the summer?

It’s easier to protect your equipment from the elements because you’ve traded the snow for summer weather. It’s warmer during the days so you can spend more time photographing the wildlife. And the animals are often easier to find… and that’s just why the summer is so great!

Our wildlife tours are a thrill for animal lovers but photographers really find that the Arctic comes alive in such an exciting way in the north.

Join us as we explore why Baffin Island in the summertime is so picturesque.


The Scale and Size!

For landscape photographers, Baffin Island can look spectacular! The dark granite cliffs can burst out of the blue water. You can be surrounded by towering mountains with snow capped summits next to Yosemite-like scenery.

It takes a keen eye to truly comprehend the scale but a wide lens can show just how everywhere you turn is worth capturing.

For wildlife photographers, there are few places that are home to such elusive animals with such dramatic backdrops. The goal of a photographer is often to tell a story with each photo and making a giant polar bear seem small against its environment is breathtaking.

Rarely seen narwhal and beluga whales spend their summers in shallow estuaries and bays rather then under frozen waters. Getting the chance to photograph the enormous size of a narwhal pod can turn heads.


The Colours Are Vivid

Most people expect to see photos of winter scenery when they think of the Arctic. Frozen animals sheltering from the wind. But in the summertime, the landscape erupt with colour and life.

The chance to film this seasonal shift can set you apart from other photographers. The blues and yellows that take over the hillside as plants and flowers emerge exude the energy of this unique location.

Arctic animals often have coats that help camouflage themselves. So, a photo of a white polar bear in a snow storm can be beautiful but will it be new and exciting? Seeing the vibrant white fur truly lets the subject stand out against the rock beaches.


Great Place to Network

One of the best parts of travelling is the chance to meet like-minded people. The chance to talk about similar hobbies or learn new tricks is a main highlight for many guests.

On an Arctic safari you have the chance to hone your skills in this dramatic scenery and perfect your craft. Baffin Island is one of the hidden gems that photographers have started to flock to because it is largely a pristine landscape. So, your peers might be able to help you capture unforgettable photos.


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By: Mat Whitelaw