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Antarctic & Arctic Cruises Set the Course for Adventure

July 11, 2018

The polar regions offer incredible opportunities for adventure. We want to help travellers around the world explore more of the vast, pristine wildernesses and amazing experiences available in the Arctic and Antarctic. That’s why we have added a specially curated collection of polar cruises to our line up.

From the North Pole and the legendary Northwest Passage to the Antarctic Circle, here are some of the adventures you can look forward to on polar cruises:

Follow in the footsteps of famed Arctic explorers

If you’re fascinated by the chronicles of early polar explorers, an Arctic cruise through the legendary Northwest Passage may be the perfect adventure for you. For centuries, the route of icy channels connecting Europe with Asia known as the Northwest Passage, was highly sought after by intrepid explorers.

One of the most enduring stories is the tragic tale of Sir John Franklin and his crew, who never returned from their fatal expedition from 1845-46. Travel back in time to the height of Arctic exploration, navigate the same waters and visit the same sites that were part of the discovery of this sea route – all while enjoying spectacular scenery and unique wildlife on a comfortable expedition cruise.

Experience it for yourself on Northwest Passage Cruise: High Arctic Adventure.

Check visiting the North Pole off your bucket list

Have you ever dreamt of standing at the top of the world? If you’re looking to join the exclusive group of travellers who have made it to 90°N, a polar cruise might be the option for you. Crush through multi-year ice on the world’s most powerful nuclear icebreaker, sightsee by helicopter, float above the North Pole by tethered hot air balloon and more on this 14-day North Pole Cruise.

Discover Antarctica, skip the Drake Passage

We knew our collection of polar cruises wouldn’t be complete without remote and spectacular Antarctica. Become one of few travellers to cross the Antarctic Circle. Get there smoothly with a fly-in option. Fly over Cape Horn and the Drake Passage to King George Island before setting sail for a life-changing voyage to the Antarctic Circle. Enjoy daily adventures, awe-inspiring ice formations, and wildlife you can’t see in the Arctic – including penguins!

Experience Antarctic in comfort and style on this fly-in adventure: Antarctic Circle Fly & Cruise.

Embark of a journey of a lifetime

If your dream adventure involves cruising Arctic or Antarctic waters, and exploring multiple destinations in the polar regions, we have a polar cruise for you. Check out our collection of polar cruises here.