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Breathtaking Northern Lights Photos Throughout The Year

September 27, 2019

Are you wondering when is the best time to see northern lights in the Canadian Arctic? Are you curious if we offer northern lights opportunities on our wildlife tours on Baffin Island and Hudson Bay?

It’s hard to describe the beauty of the northern lights, but luckily, we have some unbelievable photos.

Enjoy a photo tour of our trips that offer northern lights opportunities.

arctic northern lights



The spring is a spectacular time to look for the northern lights because it still gets dark sooner and for longer, while the sun is still low on the horizon.

arctic spring sunset

The dark sky makes the aurora stand out brilliantly!

aurora borealis in the arctic spring

Since it is still a winter wonderland, it’s breathtaking the way the sky contrasts against the white icebergs.

northern lights above white icebergs

The way a little bit of soft light can bring your camp to life.

northern lights above tents during arctic safari

But careful not to give off too much light or the sky can become hard to capture.

It’s truly unbelievable seeing how the light can shift and dance.

The shapes and twirls that appear are like a masterpiece painting.

Just taking a photo of them gives you a front-row seat to the greatest show.

photographers capturing northern lights

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The northern lights don’t stop during summer, they just become a little harder to see or time due to the longer days. At any time of year the weather, like clouds, plays a big part in getting the chance to see them or not.

arctic summer flowers and sunset

Even with a full moon during the summer you can spot them above.

northern lights with full moon

You may think a campfire could obstruct the sky, but when conditions are good, they’ll be there!

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Our Hudson Bay polar bear cabins are a great place to see wildlife and its remote location provide an exceptional place to watch and photograph the aurora borealis.

aurora borealis in the fall above cabins

With no communities around, there is nothing to obstruct the lights.

You can step outside of your cabin and take it all in.

It’s an amazing place to get out the tripod, set your camera to a long exposure, and just enjoy the show.

One thing is for sure, you’ll treasure this experience. It can feel so intimate, just you and this galactic phenomenon.

For information about our polar bear cabins click here:

Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari

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northern lights above city lights in the arctic

By: Mat Whitelaw