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Why Small Group Travel Is the Vacation of the Future

March 31, 2021

One of the things that will likely change after we begin travelling again is our need for space. We’ve taken weekend trips to explore National Parks and hiking trails, yet we’ve noticed the crowds like never before.

Many of us have formed such close bonds with a small group of close friends and family. Often, we have nothing new to talk about on social calls. But one thing unites us all, we’re excited to travel!

We’re talking about our top future vacation destinations or what our bucket list looks like. We’re hoping to use our time more adventurously and to more exceptional places. And we want the room to feel comfortable and safe as we plan our vacations.

One of the best ways to get the most out of a vacation is to experience small group safaris. Come find out why you’ll prefer it.


Small groups mean more space to be comfortable

Wouldn’t you rather share a gourmet meal with your small group of fellow adventurers than an overcrowded cafeteria with bland food? The benefit of an Arctic Safari is the care and quality you get with an experienced culinary team catering to your needs.

The spacious accommodations mean that you never feel crowded in your personal space. Have a place to get your rest and charge your camera batteries before another day of bucket list activities.


Travelling & Exploring made easy

One of the best things about the Arctic is the space. An endless horizon of beautiful landscapes and icon animals.

Take your time taking it all in. Our top concern is that you get the chance to experience exceptional wildlife viewing and photography opportunities. Few trips offer such safe and intimate wildlife sighting.

The small group sizes mean you get unobstructed photos of polar bears and narwhals in their natural habitat.


Book an entire trip departure

For those that want to explore the Arctic but still feel most comfortable with their closest group of friends and family, then rally them together for an unforgettable adventure.

Organize a group and work with our expert travel staff to find a departure date that works for you. Ask about the add-on activities that can turn your vacation into a bucket list wonderland.


Experience The Arctic On A Safari

Get chances to view elusive Arctic wildlife and experience the majesty of the Arctic on safaris almost year-round. View all Arctic Safaris here.

Ready for adventure? Contact our Arctic Travel Advisors to book.

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By: Mat Whitelaw