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Exploring The Arctic Coast

April 10, 2020

One of the things that is most striking about the Arctic is its coast. Communities and animals both often live together in this place where the Arctic ocean meets the land. Stunning towering mountain peaks rise out of fiords leading to ancient glaciers pouring into the channels and cracking into icebergs.

The floe edge, where ice becomes open ocean, imitates a seasonal coastline. Marine mammals swim along the waters edge following annual routes. You can find polar bears and birds travelling on the ice parallel to shore.

The Arctic coastline is often a dramatic scene that matches any national parks in North America. Imagine intimate bout tours or travelling past these ancient giant glaciers in a traditional Inuit sleds pulled by guides bringing you to wildlife viewing locations.


Explore the Coastal Destinations

A map of the Arctic quickly demonstrates how many communities are found on the water’s edge. Even Iqaluit is a beautiful maritime city with colourful homes among historic and cultural city destinations.

In Iqaluit you may find the statue to Sedna (Inuktitut: ᓴᓐᓇ, Sanna), the sea goddess in Inuit mythology, in the heart of the city. Sedna has a tragic tale that leads her to create the sea animals and become goddess of the sea. But what she represents is the significance of the place where the sea and animals converge with hunters and communities.

Our safaris operate out of camps where you’ll fly over stunning tundra and mountainous regions to land in friendly coastal communities. Then, you’ll travel by sled or boat to access the breathtaking and exciting coastlines of the Arctic.

Travelling to Qikiqtarjuaq allows you to fly over the glaciers and world-famous peaks of Auyuittuq National Park. After landing you have immediate views of the Arctic Ocean and towering peaks as you travel to our camp.


When you land in Pond Inlet you are suddenly exposed to the raging mountain chain that overtakes Bylot Island. Set off on traditional Inuit sleds pulled by Inuit Guides and Expedition Leaders along the frozen water channel that separates the striking mountains on the island and the beautiful peaks of the mainland.


Travel from Arviat to our Polar Bear Cabins on a private charter plane that takes you to our beachside cabins. The very coastline that polar bears migrate past each autumn.


Explore the Early Spring

Spring Polar Bear & Icebergs Safari

When your flight arrives in Qikiqtarjuaq you’ll likely be thinking two things: the views from the plane of Arctic mountain peaks were breathtaking, and this may not look like the coast.

The reason you may wonder the latter is because the water channels between the mainland and the islands are frozen over! The frozen sea-ice becomes your highway to the Arctic coastline as you sled to your heated spacious Arctic tents that brings comfort to this off-the-grid camp surrounded by stunning views.

Spend your days travelling with expert guides to potential wildlife locations. This is no zoo or park; this is the wild and our tours roam the landscape just like the polar bears we’re looking to photograph!

Travel across the quiet calm of the Arctic past giant icebergs frozen in-place. Look out to the vast beautiful of the north. You may just find polar bears resting among icebergs or playing with cubs new to this snowy world.

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Explore the Late Spring

Narwhal & Polar Bears, A Floe Edge Safari

Why is the late spring great? That’s when the Arctic whales are swimming past coastlines looking for summer feeding grounds!



Fly into Pond Inlet, northeastern Baffin Island, where the Arctic Cordillera Mountain Range stretches across the horizon. Not far from the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage is the Eclipse Sound floe edge.

Our safari camp, a safe distance from the floe edge, provides comfort to a part of the world that truly comes alive in the spring with longer days and the Midnight Sun.

Ride each day to the floe edge, a great example of the journey being as exciting as the destination. Once you get to the floe edge you’ll have incredible chances to view passing narwhal and sometimes beluga. You may even see a wandering polar bear!



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Explore the Summer

Polar Bears & Glaciers Safari

On this trip you will travel to Qikiqtarjuaq once again, but it may look nothing like it does in the early spring. Summer colours and temperatures are the biggest difference. Trade in a snowmobile and sled for a touring boat.

This intimate experience offers views and access to places you can’t reach otherwise. Iceberg Alley is a narrow channel where large numbers of icebergs float into is one of these places that are so memorable in a small group tour.

Imagine kayaking on the Arctic Ocean. Activities like this are perfect ways of experiencing the Arctic in milder weather but inspire such a sense of space along the shoreline.

Boating to bowhead whale locations may take you past floating icebergs that cracked off in Greenland not far past the horizon.

And where do you find polar bears in the summertime? Resting along coastlines and swimming from coves to islands. Our small-group boat tours offers safe and unbelievable polar bear viewing opportunities.

One of the most exceptional moments are boating up deep fiords. Travel past glacial-fed waterfalls and granite mountain faces that resemble Yosemite but you’re on the Arctic Ocean!

Journey up these ancient fiords to a prehistoric glacier, Coronation Glacier. The spirit of adventure truly comes to life traveling through ancient and natural wonderlands like this place.

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Explore the Autumn

Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari

Fly from Arviat to our polar bear cabins on a private chartered flight. Start your adventure with views of the expansive tundra, you may even see some roaming animals below.

Arrive at the cabins that lie next to Hudson Bay’s western shoreline. This is an area that’s notorious for polar bears migrating north each autumn.

Our cabins provide an ideal location as the polar bears walk past. Our safety fence keeps bears away from camp but lets you get exceptional photos of the animals walking up the coastline. You may even find mothers leading cubs!


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Explore Iqaluit: Winter and Summer

Taste of the Arctic Summer Getaway

Experience the beautiful maritime city of Iqaluit in all the glory of summer. See the vibrant colours of this capital city, from the painted homes to the glittering water of Frobisher Bay.

This modern capital city has an element of his as you visit cultural museums and historic sites along with northern delicacies like Arctic char and muktuk.

Get the chance to kayak on the Arctic Ocean right Iqaluit’s bay and get unique views of the city from the water with milder summer weather.

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Guided Northern Lights Getaway

This trip explores the city of Iqaluit but throughout the winter when the Northern Lights dance above you!

Get the same highlights as the summer getaway but each night you will go to our secluded Northern Lights viewing location. Our location is just outside of town where no light will obstruct your views of the sparkling aurora show above.

Enjoy this winter wonderland at one of the comfortable hotels with guided town tours and daytime activities.

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Experience The Arctic On A Safari

Get chances to view elusive Arctic wildlife and experience the majesty of the Arctic on safaris almost year-round. View all Arctic Safaris here.

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By: Mat Whitelaw