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New Itinerary: Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

April 18, 2018

In 2019, we’re celebrating 20 years in the Arctic! We have big news: a NEW Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari! We’re excited to announce some updates to this Signature Canadian Experience, for a floe edge tour like never before.

For our 20th anniversary, we’re taking our Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari to new heights. Running in May and June, our new seven-day floe edge program provides unprecedented polar bear and narwhal viewing opportunities, with fly-in access to an exclusive, remote location in the Canadian High Arctic.

With a focus on sustainable travel, this Arctic safari offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for travellers, families, and photographers looking for unique bucket list experiences and close-up wildlife encounters.

Here are the highlights:

An Updated Camp in an Exclusive Location

For 2019, we are combining our floe edge camps in a brand new location: Navy Board Inlet.

Arctic Kingdom is proud to be the only tour operator offering a floe edge program in this exclusive location. By enhancing our camp and moving it to a location only previously experienced by an elite few, travellers can have the adventure of a lifetime in one of the most spectacular places in the Canadian Arctic.

On the northern reaches of Baffin Island, this remote location provides access to the floe edge of Lancaster Sound – a region world-renowned as one of the most prolific wildlife areas in the Arctic.

Set on an Arctic beach with stunning views of Bylot Island, and access to Sirmilik National Park and the Bylot Island Bird Sanctuary, the Premium Safari Camp is a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home for groups of 16 and up to 32 guests.

We have also updated our accommodation options. All sleep quarters are spacious and warm, with tall ceilings and lockable doors.

Accommodation choices include a double occupancy Premium Yurt and a quad-occupancy Family Tent (perfect for families of four), with shared washroom facilities. A double occupancy Deluxe Yurt with a private en-suite bathroom is also available.

Fly-In Experience

The Premium Safari Camp in Navy Board Inlet is accessible by private charter from the gateway community, Pond Inlet, Nunavut. This short flight is sure to be an unforgettable experience on the way to and from the camp.

Get opportunities for aerial photography of the dramatic landscapes and icebergs of Sirmilik National Park, and possibly even wildlife.

Amazing Opportunities to View Narwhal, Polar Bears, and Other Arctic Wildlife

The floe edge, also known as the “line of life”, is where the landfast ice meets the open water of the Arctic Ocean.

In spring and early summer, a dynamic ecosystem comes alive and all Arctic marine mammals congregate at the floe edge. This provides incredible opportunities to view wildlife including narwhal, polar bears, seals, thousands of sea birds, and possibly even beluga and bowhead whales.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Our new Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari offers the floe edge experience our guests love, with some great enhancements.

While Arctic Kingdom has been running floe edge programs for 15 years, updating the camp and situating it in a new location on land allows for a longer season with the chance to see the full progression of the floe edge, and more opportunities to view rare wildlife.

The updated camp also allows increased safety and comfort, cultural experiences in camp, gourmet food including local delicacies prepared by professional chefs, and opportunities for travellers to participate in small group excursions.

Guided by Inuit, guests take daily trips to the floe edge by snowmobile and qamutik (traditional Inuit sled) for wildlife viewing and other activities.

Bucket list experiences include kayaking and snorkeling in the Arctic Ocean, possibly with whales, hiking dramatic landscapes, exploring icebergs, and opportunities to learn about traditional Inuit culture and history. Travellers will also enjoy the Midnight Sun, with 24-hours of sunshine, and mild spring weather.

Community Support & Sustainability

Arctic Kingdom is committed to preserving the Arctic and empowering local communities is important part of sustainable travel in the North. Inuit partners play an integral role in building and guiding Arctic Kingdom trips, and this new program creates more employment and economic opportunities for communities in the North. Along with increased jobs, this new trip allows for a longer season and more meaningful employment for Inuit. It also provides economic benefit from in-community purchases, including food and supplies, and visitor purchases including souvenirs and Inuit art.

The single, consolidated camp also minimizes travel footprint by decreasing flight routes, and simplifies equipment transportation and camp mobilization.

Want to experience this fly-in floe edge experience?

View the itinerary, dates and prices for Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari here. This Arctic safari has limited availability. Contact us today to book your adventure!