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Our Top Arctic Fox Photos

September 25, 2019

We just can’t get enough of the Arctic fox! It’s incredibly interesting how they’ve adapted to the Arctic environment and their stunning white coat is iconic to the North.

Join us as we show off our top photos of Arctic foxes from our trips and what’s so delightful about them.

arctic fox curled into a ball


They Make Great Models

Besides being wildly photogenic they are often quite comfortable with people taking pictures of them.

photographers and an arctic fox

They make a spectacular subject to capture.

There is a grace and elegance to them.

arctic fox looking outwards

We often find them wandering into our camps and walk near photographers.




Their Stunning White Coat

It is their strikingly white coat that is so iconic.

Did you know they have the warmest pelt of any animal in the Arctic?

It takes up to -70oC (-94oF) temperatures before an Arctic fox starts shivering.

This helps them endure the harsh winters of the Arctic.

arctic fox during snowfall

Famous for this white coat, it’s less well known that they grow a darker coat during the summer.

In the spring and fall, it starts to change with dark patches forming.


They’re Solitary Romantics

Arctic foxes are monogamous.

a pair of arctic foxes

Staying together for life.

Even when they bicker.

arctic foxes playing

And they have litters of 5 – 8 pups in the spring.

a litter of arctic foxes


Unique Eating Habits

In the summer they hunt for rodents and other prey that they can access without the snow.

an arctic fox and arctic owl on land

But for the winter they become mostly scavengers.

arctic fox scavenging

They’ve been known to follow polar bear prints in the snow looking for leftovers.

arctic fox waiting while polar bear eats

This can work out well but it’s risky!


They’re Beautiful and Interesting

What’s for sure is they’re adorable.

They’re unique and intriguing.

And they are a lot of fun to photograph.


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By: Mat Whitelaw