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Small Group Perspective: A Day In The Life

July 26, 2019

There are so many reasons why our small-group safaris make a magical and memorable experience, but can you picture what it’s like to be there? Are you interested in an example of a day in the life of a small group wildlife tour in the Arctic?

With so many wildlife tours trying to pack in as many people as they can, come find out why we prefer to offer exclusive opportunities that make a trip better for you.

Explore a Day In The Life of our small group safaris!

Photographers at the Arctic floe edge


Calm Mornings

Imagine! You wake up in your spacious and heated tent or yurt. You can easily stand up and move around and you’ll share it with only one other person. You can stretch, you can get dressed comfortably, and a bunch people didn’t keep you up all night from the sounds of rustling and snoring.

Heated tent in the arctic

You open the door and… the pristine landscape of the Arctic sits waiting for you to explore. It’s so quiet you can hear birds flying way above. The air is crisp, and the small group means it’s a calm scene in the morning. There aren’t a bunch of people bustling around as you head to the dining tent for breakfast.

Arctic tour with several tents and sleds

It’s always a warm and gourmet breakfast. Our expert chefs are hand-picked by our partner Culinary Search Group who provide chefs that will excel in this Arctic setting. When available, they use local vegetation for garnishes and Arctic twists on their meals, like Arctic char sushi or caribou carpaccio. Since the chefs only prepare for a small number of guests, they can, and do, make it taste good and look great!

After a delicious breakfast, perhaps of egg florentine or a full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, fruit and more, now it’s time for adventure. Due to our small group size, we aren’t rushing you out the door, we leave when everyone is ready.


Wildlife Viewing

You’re now headed out for wildlife viewings. If you’re on the Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin Safari then you’ll spend the day locating roaming polar bears. Our guides will track and locate where they are so that when your sled pulls up, it’s time to take photos and watch this majestic creature in its natural domain.

Arctic wildlife viewing - polar bears

You may even find baby polar bear cubs following behind their mother or you might find a family resting on top of an iceberg. The cubs are often playful and what makes a better subject than that for your photograph?

Polar bear with cubs in the arctic

Our small groups mean that when we pull up to a place with wildlife, you can start taking amazing photos right away. You aren’t fighting for space to get that perfect angle and you aren’t waiting for everyone to unload and get into position. You can start your Arctic photoshoot right away, and can, as a small group, be nimble enough to set off for the next wildlife location.




Are you thinking of our Floe Edge Safari? On this trip, you will travel to the floe edge, which is a location where the ice meets open water. The exact location along the floe edge will vary based on conditions but since you’re in a small group, we can get you to better locations than if we had to accommodate a large group.

Arctic floe edge with sleds

Once you’re at your location, it isn’t crowded. You can move around freely and appreciate the tranquil peace and quiet. If the whales haven’t shown up yet, take the time to look around at the beautiful landscape.

This exclusive group size means you can always find a great spot for photographing the wildlife, landscapes, the sea and ice, and even birds, likely flying overhead.  You’ll have such an exceptional opportunity with our land-based safari because you can get right down on the ice to get fantastic photos at eye level. Maybe you want a photo from a new angle? Jump up and move where you want, there’s tons of space.



Find a nice spot to sit down with a new friend or take the opportunity to talk with one of the Inuit guides. They have such a unique perspective, especially about their Arctic home and experience. They know so much about the wildlife and their habits.

Inuit guide in the arctic

Smaller numbers also allow us to be flexible during the day. If there are whales further along the floe edge, we can move easily. Maybe people want to go tracking polar bears rather than stay at the floe edge. We can because we have fewer people to coordinate and can be more attentive to your interests.

Arctic sleds during tour


Respecting The Wildlife

Our small group and land-based tours are great for guests, but they are also designed with the wildlife in mind. Small groups permit us to view wildlife authentically and non-intrusively, always adhering to the Wildlife Policy of Nunavut. The small group also reduces our travel footprint on the land and helps us respect the fragile environment we operate in.

On our Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin Safari, we always maintain safe and respectful distances from the animals. We will get you into a great position to view them, but we don’t want to scare or stress them. Our expert Inuit guides and expedition leader have the experience and knowledge to create amazing opportunities.


Photographers taking pictures during Arctic tour

Our Floe Edge Safari is land-based travel, which means that we don’t have engines in the water alarming and effecting the whales we come to see. We can get right up to the edge of the water in a way that doesn’t scare them away allowing for unbelievable viewing and photography opportunity in a natural setting as they come up to breath or socialize at the floe edge.

Photographer at floe edge taking picture of a whale


The Evenings

You’ve had a fantastic day out on the land and now it’s time to head back to the camp. Travelling in the small caravan of snowmobiles and qamutik sleds you will pass by incredible panoramic views.

At the camp you can change and then meet up with everyone in the dining/lounge tent. Talk with fellow adventurers about the animals you saw and compare photos. There’s an intimate feel to it with a smaller group. You get the chance to talk with the guides about tomorrows’ plan, and it’s easier to get to know everyone when it’s a smaller group.

Large dining tent in the Arctic tour

Yet another gourmet meal will leave you full and content. Our relaxed camp setting means you can hang around and not being funneled to bed. There might be an evening lecture, or you might be able to see the northern lights, either way, there’s space and time to enjoy yourself and relax.

Heated tents below aurora borealis

Our small groups are designed to offer unparalleled wildlife viewing, the ability to respect the wildlife, flexible daily departures, and the chance to truly relax and feel rejuvenated in this unspoiled landscape.

Of course, this example is given perfect weather and paints what we all hope to experience.  Mother nature has to play her part and being flexible and willing to change plans as necessary is the most helpful attribute to a perfect Arctic Experience.

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By Mat Whitelaw